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Automatic Shutter


Automatic shutters are shutters that are usually used in workplaces, serve to close doors or windows, have the preferred automation system because they provide security and decorative appearance. Old-type shutters were used in the form of wooden wings, covers made using iron or sheet materials. So either they didn't provide adequate security, or it would be very difficult to open and close these shutters, it would be necessary to have significant physical exertion. Moreover, because of the materials they were made from and the fact that they received a lot of physical impact during their opening/closing, they were usually not well perceived in appearance.

Automatic shutters are blinds that can be controlled manually with the help of a remote control or a wall-mounted button/switch, unlike the old type shutters. So it doesn't take physical force to make them open and close. Both for this reason and because they eliminate the possibility of accidents during these operations, they are much more useful than the old type shutters. Other advantages they provide include the materials used in their manufacturing and the fact that they can be used with different color options or designs. Automatic shutters produced using raw materials such as aluminum, steel, galvanized offer a stylish appearance in this way. Of course, they can be produced/used in different sizes depending on the dimensions of the door, window or garage door in which they are used, and again painted in different colors according to personal preferences. Long life, as well as materials and systems in which they are used, thanks to a high level of security to provide owners of houses or businesses who care about looks in this way can be shown as the most important advantages to meet their expectations.


It may not be correct to generalize that there are the following types of automatic shutters. Because the automatic shutter models available on the market are presented as different models depending on where they are used, depending on whether they are electric or motorized, depending on the brands of engines they use. However, if it is necessary to divide it into groups, it may be possible to divide it into different varieties in terms of where they are used and in terms of the power they use.


In terms of the power options they use, we can examine automatic shutters in two headings as electric automatic shutters and motorized automatic shutters.

    Electric automatic shutters: there are no significant differences with motorized automatic shutters in terms of operating systems. Only the source from which the energy necessary for its operation is provided changes. As with all automatic shutters, they are usually used outdoors. It can be used manually with a switch switch or button, as well as models produced for use with a remote control. You can mount the Switch or switch to the side or top of the window or door. If you also use it manually, if you also use it with a remote control, it will stop by itself when it reaches the opening and closing points. It can only be turned on or off with the help of the remote control or switch on which it is synchronized. So it would be wrong to say that it provides maximum security. As with all automatic shutter models, it can be produced in different sizes and different colors. In addition to the safety and good appearance it provides, it is usually produced from materials resistant to fire, various natural disasters and in such a way as to protect it from situations that may negatively affect the places where it is used, such as dusting, misting. In other words, they also make a significant contribution to the provision of cleaning and hygiene conditions, which are considered very important, especially for workplaces.

    Motor automatic shutters: it can be said that the characteristics that are left out of the fact that they receive power from the motors, which are called shutters, are the same as electric automatic shutters. Although there are some differences in working systems, these differences are not very important. In short, it can be said that electric automatic shutters have all the features and provide the same advantages as it does.


Considering where they are used, we can also divide the types of automatic shutters into 3 as automatic shutters used in Windows, automatic shutters used in doors and automatic shutters used in garages.

   Automatic shutters used in Windows: automatic shutters used in Windows are usually models controlled by remote control and opened and closed according to the wishes of the users. But they can also be installed using different systems. For example, people whose homes receive sun in the afternoon and want plants or pets in the house to benefit from it, but who are at work at that time, use automatic shutters installed together with systems that allow them to open and close automatically at certain hours in their windows.

    Automatic shutters used on doors: they are usually used on the doors of stores and other businesses. But it can also be seen that they are used in some homes. Although it is not often used in homes in our country, it is seen that automatic shutters can also be installed on the doors of houses in Western countries. Although it is preferred to be controlled by remote control, it is also common for them to be used manually by mounting a switch or button.

   Automatic shutters used in garages: they can be controlled by remote control or manually. But usually, with the help of placed photocells, they automatically open when the vehicles approach the garage door, and they automatically close when the vehicle exits or enters, leaving the garage door.

In fact, it may be possible to classify automatic shutter types according to the engines used or the systems used, and to indicate that there are different types. But when you meet with a professional company that produces and installs automatic shutters, they will allow you to see the types of automatic shutters that can meet your needs. In this way, you can choose a type of automatic shutter that meets the needs of your home or workplace and also contributes to the appearance.