Composite coating

Facade composite facade cladding systems can be applied to both interior and exterior facades of buildings, helping to create a modern line with a new look for all types of buildings and structures. These panels are made of a plastic-filled Composite inside and covered with aluminum sheets on each side. Coatings with many color options can also be applied in granite or wood form.

 Composite Facade Cladding Panel Features

 External composite cladding panels are made to be extremely strong, durable and durable against strong winds. Composite coatings, which are more durable than other coating materials used in exterior coating systems, are often preferred due to their smooth surfaces and impact-resistant structures.

 Easy to use, easy to clean and maintain, composite materials can be applied in a variety of colors to make the building look attractive. Built for a long service life outside the building, composite facade cladding models protect their durability from corrosion and climatic conditions for years.

Facade Cladding Operations And Composite

 An external composite coating is a form of coating that has a significant effect on the thermal insulation of a building. As an additional layer to maintain interior heat, the coatings provide significant energy savings. Thanks to its easily formable structure, it provides the desired effect on the aluminum facade and visually distinguishes the building.

As one of the most commonly used cladding systems in the restoration of old buildings, composite cladding can be applied to almost any part of the production costs and advantages. Lightweight and durable composite facade cladding systems ensure that the exterior of the building is not exposed to Sun-damaging ultraviolet rays and protected from weather conditions such as rain and wind, while also providing significant visual appeal to colors and appearance options.

Application and quality of composite facade cladding

In Kayseri, Turkey's leading company composite application, Sanliturk facade systems, professional staff, timely delivery and meticulous work ethic and has worked with and continues to work with numerous government agencies and construction companies. Şanlıtürk facade systems, which are selective in the quality of the materials used in the application of composite facade systems, make suitable composite panel applications in climatic conditions in addition to creating a magnificent appearance in your structures.